Marine Sebillotte
Chef de Produit Développement Maquillage Guerlain
Marine Sebillotte
Chef de Produit Développement Maquillage Guerlain
Based in
Paris, France
3 - 5 years experience

Marketing Développement Produit Cosmétiques (Maquillage, Soin) & expertise Clean Natural Beauty

Chef de Produit Développement Senior - Maquillage Lèvres
Guerlain Mar. 2020 - Present
Ile de France

(2021) KissKiss Tender Matte
(2021) KissKiss Shine Bloom (95% natural)

- KissKiss 2020 relaunch with innovation & new communication platform
- Portfolio strategy, complexity & profitability monitoring
- Brief and follow-up of all product development/360 stakeholders (labs, packaging, AD, PR, merchan


dising, digital, training, etc.)
- Guerlain’s sustainable development ambitions compliance (>95% natural formulas by 2021, 100% eco-design packaging by 2022)
- Intern management

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Mémoire : Le challenge du digital pour le luxe et la beauté
EDHEC Business School 2017 - Present
Chef de Produit Développement - Maquillage Lèvres
Parfums Christian Dior Mar. 2018 - Feb. 2020
Ile de France

(2019) Launch of Dior Addict Stellar Shine
(2020) Launch of Dior Addict Stellar Gloss

- Dior Addict incremental business development through impactful new innovations & strategies : March 2019 relaunch of lip pillar with a new communication platform (muse, visuals, movies, 360 codes)
- Portfolio co


mplexity & profitability monitoring
- Brief and follow-up of all product development/360 stakeholders
- Apprentice/intern management

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Assistance Chef de Produit Développement - Maquillage Teint
Lancôme Jul. 2017 - Dec. 2017
Ile de France

- Projects follow-up with external providers : designers, creative agencies, photographs and other suppliers
- Monthly monitoring of sell-in/sell-out performances of Face franchises, with upgrade of factbooks
- Coordination of all stakeholders involved the product development from concept


ion to entering the market (purchase department, packaging, labs...) and 360 services (training, merchandising, PR...)
- Support and assistance to operational subsidiaries with demand -and other needs- management

Concept & Creation
- Visual and concept research and redaction for the elaboration of 2019 new product and animation concepts
- Reflexion on the new products esthetics (primary and secondary packaging)

- Competitive intelligence of markets, launchs and innovations in the beauty field with a global approach
- 2017 launchs performance analysis
- Carry out quantitative market surveys allowing to activate and realize the 2019 plans of Face franchises

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Master in Branding, Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Hanken School of Economics 2016 - 2017

Parmi les meilleurs écoles de commerce scandinaves

Master in Business Management
EDHEC Business School 2013 - 2017
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Assistante Chef de Produit Opérationnel & Trade Travel Retail - Maquillage & Soin
Parfums Christian Dior Jan. 2016 - Jun. 2016
Ile de France

- Participation in the realization of the sales cycles with the product managers
- Adaptation of the marketing plan and of the product assortment to the specific market of Travel Retail (Europe / Africa / Middle East)
- Support in marketing presentations on both axis
- Regular contact with the Market


ing Development department
- Monitoring & analysis of the performance per axis (sell-in / sell-out) with monthly balance sheets and targeted studies
- Monitoring of 360 ° and media management tools
- Creation of marketing tools for the sales force
- Competitive intelligence : keeping an eye on major launches and product innovations from the cosmetics market

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Les Etoiles de La Pub

Concours de publicité

Assistante Business Developement & Marketing Digital
Oh My Cream Jun. 2015 - Dec. 2015
Ile de France

Online & offline store of curated beauty products with clean & efficient ingredients

- Editorial Content: Development of newsletters and of a monthly webzine: writing, organisation of the monthly shootings, coordination of the different stakeholders (Art Director/Photograph/Developers)
- Commercial


Operations: Follow-up and development of marketing action plans, organisation of commercial operations, development of partnerships (co-branding, contest, events...), monthly financial reporting
- Digital Marketing: Follow-up and development of a strategy on different tools (SEO, SEA, affiliation, RTB...)
- Website : Continuous improvement of the user experience on the website in collaboration with the developers and constant updates of the content

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Présidente, Grpahic Designer, Chief Information Officer
Citépub Citécom Oct. 2013 - May. 2015

Junior Communication Agency

- Management of a team of 30 people
- Conducting weekly meetings
- Assignement of tasks and supervision
- Organization of the largest student competition for creative advertising in France and Belgium, Les Etoiles de la Pub (€ 35,000 budget, 1200 spectators, 350 participa


- Management of the EDHEC Junior Communications Agency
- For each of the projects of the agency, the Graphic Design department is responsible for the realization of communication media which allows it to have a close contact with professionals. This department also handles all the visual media for the life of the association (posters, flyers, teasers and other media for Les Etoiles de la Pub).
- Running the agency and the contest webpages
- Programming a new agency website :
- Managing the agency image on social networks
- Realization of videos and 2D animations

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Classe Préparatoire ECS
Lycée Michel Montaigne 2011 - 2013

2 years of intensive preparation for the entrance examination to French Business Schools.

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Wines & Spirits

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Web design

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Adobe Photoshop

HTML/CSS (sites web)





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