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Founder & Creative Director

Chinese National born in 1981
A Graduate from London College of Fashion with a Bachelor of Womenswear Design & Technology in 2007.

Interned with Viktor&Rolf in Amsterdam in 2008.
Founded Ms MIN in 2010.

Brand Milestones
-2013, MsMIN launched in Lane Crawford Fashion Department Store, as one of first Chinese brands.
-2015, begun global distribution.
-2016, shortlisted for the semi-finals of the LVMH PRIZE.

Min Liu’s focuses on the balance and integration of fabrics, craftsmanship, and structure. Starting from solid materials, mixing with her unique spiritual understanding of human, nature, and culture, taking clothes as the media, to manifest what’s modern.
Min Liu continues to explore the path of yin and yang between the intangible and the tangible, thus sharing the beauty of balance and unity in her collections designs that can withstand the test of time for the maturely-minded individual seeking discreet Luxury.



President of Ms MIN since 2014,
Ian Hylton with over 25 years in Luxury Goods has and a career that spans Toronto, New York, Milan and China.
Hyltons expertise in design, branding and marketing, Fashion Brands, home décor brands and fashion magazines. His most acclaimed achievement came when he was developing the men’s collection for Ports 1961, where he served as its Creative Director for 10 years A highly original craftsman with deep insights and acute sense for luxury, Hylton is gifted for self-refinement. Together with designer Min Liu, Hylton co-creates an essential balance between business and creativity.

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Brand Story

Ms., the title of women as independent individuals;
MIN, means the sky in Chinese, and represents all beings as an entity;
Ms MIN, represents the integration of the individual and community.

Ms MIN is a dialogue between client and designer.
Luxury fabrication, modern silhouettes, well considered coloration, proportion, and texture suitable for the Luxury consumer. The collection resonates globally but the direction comes from the East.

It is modern, and rooted in culture and tradition;
It celebrates the individual, and embraces universal elegance;
It manifests the intangible through the tangible;
It balances and integrates nature and technology;
It transforms clothes from material experience into spiritual experience;
It shares the beauty of modern Chinese design;
It represents an awakening power and quality, it is luxury for a new era.


He Yi
Nov 29, 2020

In November 2020, Ms Min joined hands with Neri&Hu to co-represent “HéYī” at Design Republic in Shanghai, an exhibition of harmony about how the two brands’ design philosophies converge to demonstrate the shared mentality between architecture and fashion.