2024 Berlin Grand Art Prize

Image: Simone Fattal, Sempre il mare, uomo libero, amerai! (Free man, you’ll love the ocean endlessy!), 2023, installation view, Thus waves come in pairs, commission TBA21–Academy, Ocean Space, Venice.


Simone Fattal

Berlin Grand Art Prize

The 2024 Berlin Grand Art Prize (Großer Kunstpreis Berlin) was awarded to Simone Fattal by the Akademie der Künste. "Simone Fattal once reflected, ‘Everybody has to undertake their own travels toward knowledge, and then make a choice.’ Fattal has not only undertaken her journey but has invited us all to join her in this exploration of human equilibrium and the balance between the tangible and the imaginable. Her practice is a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the ability of creativity to advocate for humanity and community. What sets Fattal apart is a profound humanism, an urgent call to address the present through history, and history through the present." said jury member Wolfgang Tillmans.

About the Berlin Grand Art Prize

ellipse art projects

Image: Inès Katamso, Telluric Thoughts 3, 2023.
Paper, soil pigment, stainless and acrylic frame, 152 x 151 x 3 cm.


Farah Wardani & Inès Katamso

Programme +E

The ellipse art projects endowment fund has announced the launch of a new mentoring initiative dedicated to emerging female artists, entitled '+E'. Each year, the programme will set up a dialogue between an experienced mentor and a young artist who will benefit from a residency and support on an original project. The first beneficiary of the programme is the multi-disciplinary Franco-Indonesian visual artist Inès Katamso, whose work examines the very notion of existence through meticulous observation of living things (morphogenesis of bacteria and micro-organisms, study of fossils). Inès Katamso will be supported by ellipse art projects and her mentor, art historian and curator Farah Wardani, who is also Indonesian and a contributor to numerous projects showcasing contemporary art from Southeast Asia.

About the Programme +E

Vordemberge-Gildewart Award

Image: Monia Ben Hamouda, installation view, Aniconism as Figuration Urgency series, RENAISSANCE exhibition. Laser cut iron, spice powders. Courtesy the artist and ChertLüdde, Berlin. Photo: Luca Guadagnini


Monia Ben Hamouda

Vordemberge-Gildewart Award

Monia Ben Hamouda is the winner of the VG Award presented by the Vordemberge-Gildewart Foundation. Museion was chosen as the partner for 2024 and the 15 artists in the RENAISSANCE exhibition formed the basis for the selection of the winner. Monia Ben Hamouda was awarded the prize for her series Aniconism as Figuration Urgency. The jury was impressed by the installation as a whole, which is extremely captivating and poetic, and by the depth of its content, which tells the story of a migratory past.

About the Vordemberge-Gildewart Award

Fondation Bernard Grau
Cité internationale des arts

Image: Abel Barroso Arencibia, Home, 2012. Renier Quer Figueredo, detail, OMNI, 2023. Visual concept for book, music album, TV series by Sage Lewis. Ink and acrylic on cardboard, 21 x 28 cm. © Requer


Abel Barroso Arencibia

Renier Quer Figueredo

Fondation Bernard Grau x Cité internationale des arts

Abel Barroso Arencibia and Renier Quer Figueredo are the respective winners of the engraving and drawing residency programmes run by the Fondation Bernard Grau - Académie des beaux-arts x Cité internationale des arts. The aim of the foundation is to support the Cuban art scene, promote its vitality and encourage exchanges between Cuba and France. Abel Barroso Arencibia creates installations from the matrices of his engravings on subjects linked to human flux, technology, immigration and North-South relations. Renier Quer Figueredo combines classical drawing techniques with artificial intelligence.

About the Fondation Bernard Grau x Cité internationale des arts

Prix Paritana 2024

Image: Tsiriniaina Hajatiana Irimboangy, "Atoavy fitia lamba sy akanjo, sady itafiana no kolokoloina", 2021. Lambohoany, textile print, recycled canvas, 110 x 160 cm. © Tsiriniaina Hajatiana Irimboangy


Tsiriniaina Hajatiana Irimboangy

Prix Paritana

A bridge between Madagascar and France, the Prix Paritana, organised by the Fondation H, has been supporting artists born on or living on the island since 2017. Born in 1998, artist-designer-researcher Tsiriniaina Hajatiana Irimboangy convinced the jury with his projectRidô - dévoiler les souvenirs (Ridô - revealing memories), "a series of multimedia art installations combining detailed textual descriptions of his memories, digital images generated by artificial intelligence, but also a video accompanied by a sound testimony, an artistic exploration of his memories, an attempt to capture and share them", explains Jade Andrianjaka, communications officer at Fondation H.

About the Prix Paritana

Bally Artist Award 2024

Image: Monika Emmanuelle Kazi, detail, The Rules of the Games, 2021, part of FRAC Champagne-Ardenne Collection.


Monika Emmanuelle Kazi

Bally Artist Award

Monika Emmanuelle Kazi is the winner of the 2024 Bally Artist Award established by the Bally Foundation in collaboration with MASI to promote the artistic and creative world of Ticino and Switzerland. From 25 May, MASI will host the solo exhibition of the artist. In her work, Monika Emmanuelle Kazi focuses on the displays of memory left by the body in domestic spaces. Interweaving her own personal experience with a universal public dimension, she explores the emotional charge of everyday objects and how they can become indicators of a shifting story. Her artistic practice combines media as varied as writing, performance, video and installation.

About the Bally Artist Award

Evens Arts Prize 2023

Image: Femke Herregraven, installation view, Corrupted Air – Act VI, Taipei Biennial, 2019. Mixed media installation, dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist and Taipei Fine Arts Museum.


Femke Herregraven

Evens Arts Prize

Dutch artist Femke Herregraven is the winner of the Evens Arts Prize 2023, focused on artistic practices that critically engage with AI and address its democratic challenges. The prize was awarded in recognition of the artist’s investigation into the social and colonial implications of new technologies and the consistent use of AI to unsettle established capitalist models. Femke Herregraven investigates material realities, geographies and value systems carved out by global finance and geopolitics. Spanning high-frequency trading, mineral mining, cat bonds and algorithmic systems, her work makes tangible the effects of the financial and technological abstractions on ecosystems, historiography and individual lives.

About the Evens Arts Prize

Guggenheim Fellowships 2024

Image: Nicholas Galanin, The American Dream is Alie and Well, 2012. US flag, felt, .50 cal ammunition, foam, gold leaf and plastic. 84 x 84 x 9 in (213.4 x 213.4 x 22.9 cm).


Guggenheim Fellowships

A diverse group of 188 artists, scholars and cultural creators were awarded Guggenheim Fellowships this year from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. Among the winners are 50 artists including Jessica Blinkhorn, Nicholas Galanin, Lorraine O’Grady, Arvie Smith and Ada Trillo. According to a press release, many of the projects that are to be funded by the fellowship will "directly respond to timely issues such as democracy and politics, identity, disability activism, machine learning, incarceration, climate change, and community."

About the Guggenheim Fellowships