Mahalia Taje Giotto
photographer - videographer
Mahalia Taje Giotto
photographer - videographer
Based in
Lausanne, Switzerland
5 - 10 years experience

Graduated from the MA of Photography at ECAL (Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne) in 2022, Mahalia Giotto aka Taje was born in Lausanne (1992), Switzerland. They finished their studies in International Relations (International law and history) at the University of Geneva in 2017 and then moved to phot


ography at the CEPV (Centre d’enseignement professionnel de Vevey) that they completed in 2019.
Drawn to androgyny from a very young age, watching anime such as Lady Oscar, Ranma ½ or Uthena, they spent the first part of their life as a young boy, never really thinking about gender until it became required, around their teenage years and had to conform to society's binary norms, to become a girl again. As a young adult, they came out as trans, and then chose to identify as non-binary. Taje started taking testosterone on November 2020, which profoundly affected them and their work, liberating them from a life that was not possible living before. Considering that « the personal is political », Taje’s work gives an insight into their thoughts and experiences around gender, sexuality and identity and aims to question the system in power and its binary structures.
By exploring the twists and turns of the night life during their studies, they experimented a new way of living and met various people that helped finding new values to live their life in a reality that felt safer. It is through these deep personal experiences that they take inspiration for their often off-timed work, highlighting the long years spent on the margins of norms and exploring boundaries. Today, Taje is a multidisciplinary visual artist, DJ in the In Situ and 33 Records music collectives, thanks to which they can spin their records in the raves and clubs of the French-speaking part of Switzerland. As well as co-founder of Oil Productions, for the production of ethical and pornographic contents, which allow them to produce works using video and photography.

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Teaching Assistant
ECAL Sep. 1, 2022 - Present
Lausanne, Switzerland
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Biennial of Visual Arts
Images Vevey Sep. 5, 2022 - Sep. 25, 2022
Vevey, Switzerland

Biennial of visual arts - showing of diploma project existential boner

MA Photography
ECAL - École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne Sep. 1, 2020 - Jun. 20, 2022
Lausanne, Switzerland
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Federal VET Diploma in Photography
CEPV - Photography School of Vevey Aug. 20, 2017 - Jul. 5, 2019
Vevey, Switzerland
BA in International Relations
University of Geneva Sep. 1, 2013 - Sep. 1, 2017
Geneva, Switzerland

International history & law




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