Inga Sempé

⁠Eyes on Talents member, Inga Sempé’s exhibition La Casa Imperfetta (The Imperfect Home) opened this week at Triennale Milano. On view at the Museo del Design Italiano until September 15, the exhibition focuses on Inga Sempé’s research on everyday household objects and their industrial production. In a domestic scenario designed together with Studio A/C, the exhibition showcases the designer's colorful functionality with projects, objects and drawings, along with works by international artists. The viewers are invited to explore and interact as unexpected guests in a real home, to experience spaces with everyday gestures and to leave a trace in this ‘imperfect home’ filled with timeless objects, far from the rules of marketing.
Inga Sempé is a French designer who lives and works in Paris. Interested above all in objects and their uses, which she observes in their everyday environment, it is the essence of the object that takes precedence in her work.