Sustainable shoes workshop - Décathlon x CPGE arts design Nîmes

Each year in Europe, four million tons of textiles (clothing, household linen, shoes) are thrown away, of which 80% ends up among household rubbish. This one-week workshop for 12 students of the CPGE Arts Design of Nimes and made possible by a partnership with “Decathlon” aims at helping avoid such w


aste. The goal of the workshop is to create recyclable shoes on the basis of the concept of “sock thongs” and assembly of the sole and uppers without glue, enabling the separation of the component materials. Using a methodology which favours experimentation, each group conceives a distinct prototype sneaker targeted at a specific product strength (for example high-visibilty, grip, cushioning etc) and at a particular sporting activity (urban multisport, sailing, skateboarding etc).

Merci et bravo aux étudiants Manon Hotelier, Hedi Tnani, Ethel Audouard, Benjamin Guiraud, Joséphine Lalleman, Lucie Marin, Naël Aburabi, Nicolas Mathieu, Stanislas Leray, Emmanuelle Alene, Célia Treilhou, Bastian BC, leur professeur Catherine Angenot.

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