Alexander Wang Senior Producer

Full Time New York City, United States


This position will report directly to the SVP of Marketing and Creative, and will be responsible for leading the creative development timings, production and budget across all marketing initiatives. Such initiatives will span campaigns, runway shows, events and live streams, working to lead the team with external vendors and production companies. E-commerce photoshoots are not a part of this role


Creative Development

• Lead and execute creative briefs against business needs, development project process, and internal team creative progress.

• Manage internal team general needs and requests pertaining to production and marketing.

• Lead and execute the creation, scope and management of estimate rounds and final budget per project.

• Lead and execute and support with individual timelines per project.

• Lead and execute external creative team creative development, pre[1]production, production, and postproduction.

• Lead and execute the supply and delivery of assets.

• Lead and execute thorough communication across Internal and external teams throughout entire project.

• We will require you to lead and execute tasks to further creative development timelines, production budgets and lead the internal and external creative team to ensure the creative concept is upheld through development to delivery.

• You will be required to ensure all members of the team are consistently consulted and communicated with throughout the duration of the project.

Organizing Team

• Lead the production team with researching, presenting, hiring and managing all external relevant partners, crew and talent, such as production companies, directors and models. Once you have the cast and crew confirmed, you will need to support with the delegation of the team and responsibilities. As a senior producer, you would be responsible for supporting and executing overall decisions for the development of the project.


• You will be required to lead and ensure each project stays within the confines of a provided, set ballpark. You will be responsible for executing and supporting a set scope, estimate, pre-production, production, post-production, and job closure of the project. If the ballpark comes under jeopardy, it will be your responsibility to support the team to find an appropriate solution to ensure the project remains within the set budget.

Other Duties

• Beyond comprising staff and crew and ensuring that the production stays within budget, you will be responsible for leading the production team alongside the production schedule. You will need to multitask within a fast-paced environment, communicate with all of the key team members, and troubleshoot any potential issues regarding production or budget.


• Bachelor’s Degree in Creative, Marketing, or any related experience.

• 6-8 years of hands-on experience.

• Portfolio required of 360 campaigns, spanning video, stills, experiential / events.

• Deep knowledge of creative and fashion industry.

• Chinese speaking a plus