(SAMMY) “Al Jawhara” collection

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"Al Jawhara" means "the pearl, the jewel". This term is used in the Arab world to designate excellence, "the must of the must". To see my productions qualified by this term is the ambition that drives me when I conceive them.

This series of domestic and decorative objects is


the result of a study of traditional geometric patterns. This study has allowed me to build up a large repertoire of motifs from which I extract functional and formal principles.

I thus explore the relationship between motifs, volumes, symbolism and functionality through everyday objects. Based on their principles of construction, the motifs are used to define the proportions of the objects.

All the prototypes are designed and made in my studio using numerically controlled machines. But the materials are not definitive, my aim is to develop them with more noble materials.

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Lighting, Interior Design & Decoration, Industrial design


3D Print, Molding


Plastic, Ceramics & Glass, Wood, Metal


Solidworks, Rhinocéros 3D, Grasshopper 3D