Winning project of the national competition organised by nendo and Le Bon Marché.
Iri is an umbrella to share with someone. It provides two handles for the users to evolve at the same pace. Where usually sharing this object tends to be dicey with one individual leading the dance and the other always


a little behind, the purpose here is to keep balance.
The shaft is divided in two parts that link both hands and engage them in a dialogue. The idea behind this interaction comes from the tradition of the wishbone, a game children play after eating a chicken. ln this custom the players pull on each side of the bone with the belief that the holder of the larger half will be granted a wish. Here, the teasing is a pretext for complicity and the object for amusement. lri is a shelter for a common experience of a rainy day.

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Product Interaction & Technical Innovations, Umbrellas, Industrial design




Fiberglass, Aluminum, Recycled PET fabric