“HALL HAUS - Pour Ceux” à l'Union de la Jeunesse Internationale

Retrospective of hall haus that took place from September 9 to 24, 2022 at L'Union de la Jeunesse Internationale (official route Paris Design Week)
The Mafia K'1 fry put into words, music and image what we all wanted to say. It is in homage to the song, the group and the strength they delivered that


we chose the name "Pour ceux" as the emblem of our first exhibition.
If you understand the spirit of Mafia K'1 fry then you understand us a little! Hall Haus is our industrial design studio inspired by a double heritage. First, the one that saw us born and raised with the multicultural heritage of our parents, the hip-hop culture, our respective cities and neighborhoods. We call it the hall. Then we have the heritage of the Bauhaus, the movement that revolutionized architecture and design by making buildings and objects for everyone. We call it the haus.

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Installation and Scenography, exhibition


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All types