nazanin ramezani
Fashion designer
nazanin ramezani
Fashion designer
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San Francisco, United States
More than 10 years experience
34 years old
Iran, Islamic Republic of


I grew up in a family of craftsmen. Seeing my family members working with their hands and creating things was so inspiring, and seemed the single most enjoyable way to express one's self. Though it’s something I didn’t discover by myself, I have been enjoying the ride so far and love the proce


ss of becoming a person who creates objects from whatever they find lying around. Whether it’s writing poems, creating strange sculptures or designing handkerchiefs for everyone’s new year gifts, I was destined to become a creator. 

2010 was a tremendous turning point in my life. I went to design school and learned a lot from the community around me. It was a year that helped me understand that I can speak my mind using the skills I have inherited. Going to school for design allowed me to learn about systematic design out of the context of fashion, and work with different types of materials like wood, metal, and plastic with different approaches and methods of research.

My first encounter with fashion and garments began with fabric itself. I began as a fabric cutter for Sar Design Company, and worked my way to the tailor and product developing assistant. The feel of fabric, paired with the movement of the body and the context of society, is the perfect combination for me to pursue objectives that I love and stand for. I’m also fascinated by the human psyche and I’ve found fashion to be the perfect form of creation that includes so many aspects of humanity. Whether it’s people’s characteristics, their social status, ethical standards or aesthetic, there is so much to explore and use as components in my design.

Keen to expand my artistic views and skills, I started embarking on custom design collaborations and styling for theatre in 2013. Starting with 14th Festival of theatre and Experiment and wining the third place in custom design which led to more collaborations and eventually working for professional theater. This rewarding experience let me work in groups of different people from various fields, and be able to focus on each role’s character, social status and etc. to choose or design garments for them, which was great help to better understand what my audience want later in fashion design. In 2016 I immigrated to the USA and moved to California, mostly to continue my education and focus on designing garments. I started my MFA in fashion design a year later at Academy of Art University (AAU). 

I see this chapter of my life as the time I truly entered the world of fashion. All the skills I acquired over these years, combined with everything I have learned at AAU, has finally given me the confidence to call myself a fashion designer.

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Academy of art university Sep. 3, 2017 - Aug. 12, 2020
San Francisco, United States


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most distinguished idea among new and technological ideas
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Elected as the most distinguished idea among new and technological ideas. Designing a bag for visually impaired elementary students
This award is dedicated to most innovative projects throughout all disciplines from engineering, science to medical disciplines offered by Tehran university. My project


was the only solo and at the undergraduate level among 11 projects, that were recipients of this award.

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University of Tehran Feb. 2010 - Jun. 2014
Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Industrial design major

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3rd Prize
14the festival of theatre and experiment
Iran, Islamic Republic of

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