This collection is called upside down, which for those of you who don’t know in stranger things which is a tv show, there is this alternate universe that looks exactly like our universe but a creepy and dangerous version of it. So when I was browsing and looking around on google I came across this di


gital artist called Leonardo Worx and their work was immersive with these harmonious colors and shapes.I was in that universe for a while and it was truly soothing and made me happy. Considering having to stay home and being tired of having the same view over and over again I needed to go somewhere else and that universe looked the funnest and happiest place on earth. As if our world was an upside down to it. So I wanted to be there and create garments with that world’s laws, with all the circle, rings, spiral and splashes of color.

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Womenswear, Tailoring, Ethical Fashion Initiative, Pattern cutting



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