Terra Madre 62 is my final project for the MA Accessories Design at the Accademia Costume e Moda in Rome.

Starting from Naples, in a 62 km radius, there is a production district that allows to achieve any project in the field of accessories with excellent results. This reality survives thanks to the


union of tradition and innovation, carried out by old and new generations who work together to ensure that quality and know-how will be handed down in the future.

TERRA MADRE 62 is a poject that is proposed to enhance the excellences of the territory through the development of a circular economy.

For the development of this project I worked with six companies of excellence present in the area and globally famous: Russo di Casndrino, for the luxury leather, Antico Opificio Serico, for the silks of the ancient Bourbon manufacture, Manfredini Formificio and Tacchificio, for the lasts and heels, Brass Art Srl, for the realization of customized metal parts, P. & C. Srl, for the production of leathergoods and Della Pia Group for the production of footwear.

The production of each single prototype was followed by me with the help of the different companies with which I collaborated. I thus had the opportunity to participate personally in the entire production process and to make known the different industrial realities of Campania in the accessories production sector, creating new relationships and making sure that they all collaborated on a single project demonstrating how it is possible to produce a collection fully traceable and excellent in this wonderful territory.

The design of the TERRA MADRE 62 collection is developed from the beauties present in Campania, rich and baroque wonders, which have been transformed into the graphic signs and geometric volumes that form the individual prototypes.

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Bags, Leather goods, Footwear, Ethical Fashion Initiative


Laser Cut, Traditional Manifacture


Leather, Silk


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Procreate