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Concours de Larmes is an ambitious project carried out by Marvin M'toumo, winner of the Chloé price 2021 in the Festival d'Hyeres. This vibrant 1h30 theatre play was a way for him to introduce to the world his DNA and ambition as a designer through this unusual pre


sentation of this first couture collection.
Assisting the art director on the project, I found myself in charge of the costume, managing its production autonomously or with a small team but also taking part in each step of the design decision and helping the debate around the art direction.
Thank to those multiple roles and the energy that I showcased, I was 100% involved in the rising of this project which lead them to offer me a study position as costume and team manager for the tour coming in the summer 2022.

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avril 2022


Textiles, Womenswear, Ethical Fashion Initiative, Costume Design & Artistic Representations, Design Inclusif, Writer




Ceramics & Glass, up-cycled