Collection concept

I used to be a real volunteering firefighter when I was younger, therefore people call me a Fashion Firefighter. The reason why this nickname is
accurate is that our lovely fashion (clothing) is burning up!

In 1969 Czech student Jan Palach (main inspiration) burned himself


f-immolated in Prague in protest against the “peaceful” invasion of
Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union. In the 21st century, the fashion industry globally burns 94 million tons of clothes yearly. It gets even more personal since my father collected Soviets stamps which I used for prints and embroidery. This collection serves as my first activist act to stop this horror.
“Does one have to also self-immolate to make you aware?" (Flíček 2020).

The collection calls for change and raises awareness.
Why are we even talking about sustainability, when clothes, fabrics - even those that were "sustainably made” are burning by tons? I took deadstock fabrics and invented a technique called “Fire Piping” creating the impression and shapes of fire and offering another solution.

"People must fight against the evil they feel equal to at that moment."
(Palach 1969).

The collection is activistic and provocative, as it is inspired by the style called Soviet Brutalism, but its colours invite further debate.

I hope you will like it and enjoy it :)
Yours Fashion Firefighter

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Prints, Textiles, Tailoring, Pattern cutting, Embroidery


Embroidery, Fire piping


95% Deadstock materials