the dragon Spines earrings

the Dragon Spines (Dimensions: 56 mm x 13 mm x 6 mm )

The Dragon Spine earrings is inspired by the ice stalactites found inside the ‘Ice-Stupa’ in not only the Himalayan Range but also the Swiss Alps. Ice-Stupa is a form of artificial glaciers for storing winter water (


n/Projects/) and an innovation (by engineer, Sonam Wangchuk) to presents a possible solution for climate warming and re-glaciation.

Ancient Chinese believed that dragons bring rain and water for irrigation. Thus, Pan named her spine-like earrings the Dragon Spines to show her respect to both intelligent innovations and the mysteries of nature.

The Dragon Spines are heavily textured and treated with an experimental oxidisation processes to present the beauty of unrefined nature. The finishes will continue to change with time and with wear. The Dragon Spines are handmade at Pan’s London Studio, and no two pieces are alike.

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Earrings, handmade, contemporary, silver jewellery, gold, mysterious


forge, oxidisation, hand fabricate, harmering, gold fusing


recycled sterling silver, 18ct gold, 22 ct gold

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