This collection draws inspiration from the Garden of Eden.Through this theme; the beginning of the world, where creativity and creation were at their essence, where harmony was perfect;
The inspiration for the entire collection is based on this moment.

This harmony is still p


resent in our world, but torn apart at the same time. We observe it in bits and pieces, in our daily little pleasures. These are imperfect mirrors of a reality that once was.
The collection depicts this torn harmony through flowers decomposed by eco-print, a blurred photo representing the love between a father and daughter, and a painting of the Garden of Eden torn into different parts.

Based on this reality and worldview, how can we create harmony in this world? Through the harmonious relationship between nature, human relationships and God. The composition of harmony is beautiful but imperfect, because it is marked by this imperfect world.
The collection is made up of fragments sewn together, giving the visual appearance of a pleated fabric. The color composition is bright and cheerful.

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Prints, Womenswear, Pattern cutting