Malin Lorea Bernreuther
Senior Designer and Founder
Malin Lorea Bernreuther
Senior Designer and Founder
München, Allemagne
5 - 10 ans d'expérience
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Probably the best way to describe my design vision is: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Walking the fine line between bad taste and good aesthetics evokes more thought and encourages more dialogue than walking down the safer road of conventional beauty. I believe in bold design that is not afraid of


risk, and sometimes drifts off into decorative kitsch, bordering on ugly.

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Senior womenswear design
Iris von Arnim oct.. 1, 2018 - avr.. 30, 2019
Hamburg, Allemagne

senior womenswear designer/ commercial line
responsible designer for research, design and supervision of the complete wovens and leather collection

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Senior womens wear and textile designer
Etienne Aigner août. 1, 2016 - sept.. 30, 2018
Munich, Allemagne

senior womenswear and textile designer/ runway + commercial line
responsible designer for research, design and supervision of the complete wovens, leather, jersey and textile collection

Fashion Designer and Design Consultant
Freelance août. 1, 2015 - août. 1, 2016

Womens and mens wear design, print design, accessory design

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Womenswear and Accessory Designer/ Freelance
Bobby Kolade jan.. 1, 2014 - mai. 1, 2014

Women´s wear and accessory design

Design assistance
Kenzo mar.. 1, 2013 - oct.. 1, 2013

Women´s wear/ Precollection+ Defile/ Design assistance

design of outer wear and draping, volume research, participation at fittings, inspiration research, trims and finishings research, styling, shooting and show organisation

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MA/ womens wear
School of Art and Design/ Berlin oct.. 1, 2011 - jan.. 1, 2013
design assistance
Givenchy mar.. 1, 2011 - août. 1, 2011

design, inspiration research, fabric and colour proposals, print design and placement, trims and finishings research, technical drawings, show organisation

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design assistance
Dior sept.. 1, 2010 - fév.. 1, 2011

inspiration research, design proposals, print design, illustration, technical drawings

Fashion Design
School of Art and Design/ Berlin avr.. 1, 2007 - juil.. 1, 2010
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design assistance
el caballo sept.. 1, 2008 - oct.. 1, 2008

Women´s wear and leather accessories
trend study research, design for women´s wear and leather accessories, illustration, inspiration research

1st year
Royal Academy of Fine Arts (Antwerp) sept.. 1, 2006 - mar.. 1, 2007


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