Long Live Love (Portfolio)

My collection explores the interplay of a hard exterior and an inner intimacy, both emotional and literal: the abstract-shaped panels of fabric often give way to cut-outs of bare flesh. I draw inspiration mainly from one of Max Ernest’s painting called ‘Long Live Love’, which plays with the themes of


armour-like concealment and heartfelt revelation. But the core of my work lies much closer to my heart which is about my personal feeling of my hometown where is very rugged, but the people are warm-hearted and kind.
To achieve the effect of the interior that garments reveal is rich with emotion, whereas the outer part is raw, I worked with abstract forms, treating them with the range of ashing and hand-dyeing techniques to yield the roughness of my fabrics on a women body.

The process is admittedly a path paved with trail, error and effort. But I love the mistakes I made during the process of development because those mistakes give me opportunities to review my work emotionally. And I love the challenge of merging those mistakes with something else to create something new and find the beauty of those mistakes.

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