On transient presents

On Transient Presents is Master's thesis collection consisting of an exploratory study based on a design process, seeking to investigate the seemingly established practices of how fashion design utilizes and addresses the past.

The study looks into the relation between fashion design and the past wh


ile examining the value of a past-evoked feeling of nostalgia towards a non-experienced period of past time as a driving force in a design process. The past-evoked feeling, vicarious nostalgia, is examined as an inherent characteristic at times present in fashion design, a tool for the design process and a source for value and meaning.

The collection process is founded on a material restriction and the primary aim consisted of a commission to build a collection around Thai silk fabrics received through a sponsorship via SUPPORT Foundation of the royal house of Thailand. The initial objective deepens into the design process with the utmost aim to look into the many ways of how ‘old that has become new’ appears in fashion and to unveil some of the cross-temporal qualities of fashion to be utilized as a tool to comment the present.

The process leading to the final collection creates a personal interpretation of one imaginary past and continues a lineage of fashion revivals stemming from the bygone repeating visions of how the past must have held more authenticity, innocence and truth than the present - making the collection a visual interpretation replying to the research question.

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Knitwear, Womenswear, Tailoring, Women's, Pattern cutting