Sofia Järnefelt
Fashion Designer
Sofia Järnefelt
Fashion Designer
Helsinki, Finlande
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My three principles
• Never stop learning - Keeping in mind the words of a 90-year old violinist I once heard: "I still practice every day, because I feel I'm making progress."
• Broad perspective - Always w


orking with creative, practical and academic point of view in mind.
• Focus - Dare to concentrate.

I am a womenswear designer working with colors, visual research and garment design. I graduated from Aalto University in Helsinki in 2011 holding three awards received during my studies.
Since my graduation I have as a freelancer designed collections for Marimekko, co-founded Pre Helsinki, collaborated over several seasons with Peclers Paris, taught at Shanghai School of Fashion and Innovation at Donghua University and consulted small start-up companies. Lately I have also been writing short, peculiar interviews of artists for the digital magazine Around Journal. In addition, I recently finalized an artistic made-to-order collection project of my own funded by a scholarship from Svenska Kulturfonden.
I started at Marimekko right after graduating by building them a completely new concept of launch wear. Due to the success of the concept I continued collaboration with them over 8 years through every season. Next to working on garment design (both jersey and woven womenswear) for their main collection I was also repeatedly asked for different tasks of conceptualizing either new product categories or renewing old ones.
I have a deep understanding of consumer behaviour as well as industrial production. I am genuinely proud of for example how successfully I fulfilled the given task to increase sales and PR-worth of the knitwear category at Marimekko.
At Peclers Paris, one of world’s leading consulting agencies in trends, style, innovation and future insights, I brought views on phenomenas, trends and colors for their research team to develop further. I learned the importance of verbal and visual storytelling, poetry of colors, preciseness of briefing and got a deeper understanding and knowledge of global phenomenas and their impact on fashion industry and fashion business.
When co-founding Pre Helsinki together with four other young women to promote Finnish fashion and help emerging fashion designers gain international contacts and business opportunities, I gained experience and knowledge about different ways for young designers to present their work, run their businesses or artistic activities and build networks. I feel that this is a very valuable skill and knowledge to hand forward to the younger generation through mentoring, tutoring and teaching.
In 2016 I was chosen to be the substitute teacher for Professor Pirjo Hirvonen at Shanghai International College of Fashion and Innovation at Donghua University in Shanghai, after which I was offered to hold my own fashion design course at SCF in 2017 and 2018. The feedback I got from both students and the dean of the school was overwhelmingly positive and very encouraging. As a tutor I feel I am both demanding and gentle equally towards everyone. I strive to help young people find their own path by developing their strengths, but also helping them work through their weaknesses so that they can become professionals without obstacles.

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Freelancer. Womenswear designer
Marimekko sept.. 1, 2011 - sept.. 2019
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Flying academic, guest lecturing
SCF, Donghua University, Shanghai, China mai. 1, 2016 - 2018
Freelancer. Color, trend and inspirations research.
Peclers Paris mar.. 1, 2016 - mai. 2017
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Chairman of Board
Pre Helsinki jan.. 1, 2015 - jan.. 1, 2016
Pre Helsinki jan.. 1, 2012 - jan.. 1, 2016
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Creative Relations
Pre Helsinki jan.. 1, 2012 - mai. 1, 2013
MA in fashion design
Aalto University jan.. 1, 2009 - juil.. 1, 2011
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Seppälä Award
Aalto Award
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Designers Nest Copenhagen
BA in fashion design
Aalto University sept.. 1, 2004 - déc.. 1, 2008


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