I collaborated with Marimekko for 8 years, 2011-2019.

→ To take part in seasonal collection research.
→ To suggest new product ideas, product categories and types.
→ To fully design products and product families according to a brief, scus-plan and price targets.
→ To follow and lead the prod


uction development of each product I designed.

During my 8 years of collaboration with Marimekko the company went through an update of their entire brand image including the collections scus plan, fabrication, design and target consumer groups. During those years I worked under two different lead creative directors and three in-house substitutes in between the directors. I had to internalize and adjust to the new views, directions and constantly changing views on style as well as constantly changing ways of working.

I wanted to bring both new and intriguing designs for the new target groups as well as lower price-point products for the
old customer. My view was to challenge the way of working with textile material – wanting to bring in more advanced
and representative jersey materials and diminish the line between wovens and jerseys and renew the way these fabrics are used in collections. I also wanted to update Marimekko’s collection with contemporary and urban classics I felt every mid-market level clothing brand should offer and which Marimekko had lacked.

I successfully brought in new product categories for Marimekko’s main collection that exceeded their selling targets. I designed several products that stayed in the collection as seasonal carry-overs and new classics that are re-produced every season. I also designed some very successful one-season must-have products that opened up the doors of new retailers for Marimekko.

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