The topic of this project was "winter". I decided to work on the reality of driving a car in winter, focusing on an object we often use in this period of the year.  Glace is an ice scraper that can be used both to wipe away the snow that lies on the roofs of cars and to scrape away the ice from windo



This utensil is an injected-polypropylene piece molded in one time. It is shaped on a hexagonal base composed of 5 hard elements connected by flexibles parts thick 0.8 millimeters. The sixth face is flexible and the connections as well.
While developing Glace I wondered how to find the best way to scrap ice from the windows. I noticed that scraping in a circular movement is better than scraping in a horizontal or vertical movement. I also noticed that if the pressure of the hand is perpendicular to the window , less effort is needed to achieve a good result

Teacher: Thomas Kral
Fall semester

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