The “Musée de Design et d’Arts Appliqués Contemporains“ of Lausanne asked our class to participate in the installation project for the exposition "L’éloge de l’heure", an exposition about time and watches.

Our concept works on the illumination of all the different object exposed, the idea being to


arrange a forest of clamped lamps. The visitors’ eyes will be attracted by the illumination and their attention will focus on the watches thanks to the lights. The mural displays are inclined to offer a better visibility, and all but one display will have a personalized lightning. All the lamps will be clamped on a H-extruded rail, which absorbs all the electric component. Below every object a label in white printed letters will be stuck.

Antonio Quirarte, Raphael de Kalbermatten, Daniele Walker
Teacher: Adrien Rovero
Fall semester

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