BOΛDЌ is a sustainable, slow-fashion, recyclable fashion and wearable-wood brand based in Cairo. The brand focuses on the feeling of belonging to nature and is interested in creating a magical channel between women and nature. Our message is that every BOΛDЌ owner will have a piece of nature that com


es from a tree that has a unique story and life cycle that embodies the soul of nature. We create those spirited wooden pieces from reclaimed and leftovers of wood collected from factories and supplied locally from Siwa Oasis, that has the biggest olive tree farmlands in Egypt and then we start mixing them with epoxy (a plant-based type) to preserve the wood and create those timeless masterpieces. We are a women-led business and the majority of our work force are craftswomen, underprivileged women that support their families with their handicraft skills and this helps them have a stable income. We are a very small company that is advocating for female empowerment and we are super proud of that! BOΛDЌ uses wood as a space to embody art objects and patterns, avoiding exaggeration of appearance, focusing instead on material individuality. As a brand inspired and created by the natural world, it should come as no surprise that BOΛDЌ gives the natural world the respect and love it deserves by being sustainable and promoting sustainability, slow fashion and being socially responsible.

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November 1, 2019


Bags, Leather goods, Fashion artefacts & show pieces, Ethical Fashion Initiative, Gifting, Women's


Leather, Wood