(SAMMY) “Biraz” stool

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This stool is the result of an experimental research. Starting from traditional patterns specific to Islamic culture, I explore the relationship between patterns, volumes, symbolism and functionality. I base myself on the construction principle of these geometric patterns to extract fun


ctional and aesthetic principles.

I experiment empirically using different materials and technical processes to create volumes from the two-dimensional patterns.

Finally, I exploit the gap between the shapes that make up the pattern to create volume. I produce a pattern whose shapes become self-structured to form a seat, moving from flat to volume through a simple folding system.

The prototype is made from pieces of wood milled and laminated to leather to ensure the flexibility and strength of the folding system.

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Furniture, Interior Design & Decoration, Industrial design, stool


laser cut, milling CNC


Leather, Wood


Solidworks, rhinocéros