Patchouli Studio Drop 0, " A new beginning"

Patchouli Studio is a project whose aim is to spread the idea of quality over quantity, it’s very artisanal and mostly unique pieces.
The main idea is to create a way of perceiving garments as ethical and sustainable.

The aim, by sourcing and later hand knitting over-production materials only, is t


o give a second chance to the wasted materials that occurs over seasonal production processes.

It’s all handmade like handknitted, crochet, macrame or hand sewed using leftovers, over production materials, dead stock materials or samples that didn’t make it to the selling campaign. Patchouli Studio tries to give to the “fashion-non sense-waste” a second chance.

"Drop 0- A new beginning"
"A new beginning" stands for the need of freedom and creativity experienced after all those months being under lockdownn in Italy.
Dreaming of sunsets over Isola d'elba and the perfect summerish attire with a modern and artisanal touch.
Colorful, joyful, polished and entirely hand made using over production yarns only.

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Knitwear, Womenswear, Menswear, Ethical Fashion Initiative, genderless


crochet, hand knitting


cotton, wool, cashmere, viscose, lurex, alpaca


adobe photoshop, adobe illustrator