Lockdown Collection : Order in Disorder

is about how the current pandemic has affected people in various ways. When I went to the grocery stores or big markets, I was able to see the mess created by people who had a messy and unstable mind. In that disorder, the disorder also made the order in itself by showing the


empty shelves which exaggerated the regulation of the repetitive rectangles in the frame of shelves. Furthermore, the products which people desperately tried to stack in their houses such as eggs, toilet papers, and sanitizers were stacked together and made the regulated order.
The people's nervous and messy minds reminded me of the tangled thread which is hard to solve. Also, the tangled thread reminded me of the toilet paper when people didn't know how precious it was. It was used as a throwing object in the festival or any ceremonies making a mess. During the 'lockdown,' in the lack of access to the materials and machines, a bunch of threads I had was the solution for approaching the first design. From the tangled thread sample to the word 'lockdown,' I came up with the idea of locking down the disorder with regulated order. The regulated patterns such as plaid or stripe reminding me of the empty shelves came above the tangled thread.
The regulated stack could be irregular when some force is added on the stack just like how people's minds and the interiors of markets were destroyed by the invisible virus. Thus, the process of destruction was depicted as the gradual falling pieces of fabrics.
During the lockdown, naturally, I was likely to spend more time under the bedsheet with worries and many thoughts. The bedsheet was my barrier to protect myself from the outside, at the same time, it was a prison locking down myself with depression. Under the bedsheet, in the depression, worries and negative thoughts were never getting better. They are only getting bigger unless I escape from it. Fortunately, I was able to realize it and escape from it, and it became one of my ideas for this collection.

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