the Datura ring (Dimensions: 30 mm x 23 mm x 16 mm)

The Datura (ring) gets its inspiration from the mysterious stories of the datura flower heard during Pan’s Nomadic journey. Each existing being is meant to be. The poisonous yet beautiful datura, also named the devil's trumpet, was an Ayurvedic me


dicine & a sacred offering to Shiva (Hinduism).

The Datura is heavily textured and treated with an experimental oxidisation processes to present the beauty of unrefined nature. The finishes will continue to change with time and with wear. The Datura is handmade at Pan’s London Studio, and no two pieces are alike.

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Rings, handmade, contemporary, handfinish


forge, oxidisation, harmering, keumboo, gold fusing


recycled sterling silver, 22ct gold