The muse Bangle

the Muse bangle (Dimensions: 78 mm x 70 mm x 17 mm)

The Muse (bangle) is one design from the Nomadic Princess Project, which is inspired by both natural and built landscapes encountered during Pan’s Himalayan journey, in particular Tibetan Architectural details such as the columns at the Portola Pa


lace. It is intended to invoke a sense of deja-vu and belonging in the wearer.

The Muse has two unique open ends which allow it to balance when stood upright. This idea represents the wisdom of keeping balance in both natural and artificial material worlds, as well as that of the inner spiritual realm. This piece is for a strong yet caring, playful heart - one who has abundant experiences and wisdom yet is open-minded and curious to learn new things.

The Muse is heavily textured and treated with an experimental oxidisation process to present the beauty of unrefined nature. The finishes will continue to change with time and with wear. The Muse is handmade at Pan’s London Studio, and no two pieces are alike.

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Bracelet, bangle, contemporary, ethnic, nomad


hammering, forge, fabricate, oxidisation


22ctgold, recycled silver

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