The chair "Constance" made of birch wood invites to rest. This calm feeling then echoes in the hybridization of curves and flat surfaces underlined by a lacquer in an immaculate white.

Sculptural object at the same time simple and sophisticated, expresses his singular aesthetic through the mix of su


btle geometry of angular shapes and flowing curves. The technicality of the work in a simple and natural material adds to this duality.

The look runs along of his legs up to its superior lines. A game of the forms reveals itself then under our eyes. The ingenious combination of oblique surfaces carved into the mass evolves toward some aerial sinuosities. The undulating surface accompanies then, without constraining, the movements of the body.

Materials : birch wood, lacquer, varnish
Finishes : satin
Dimensions : 45 x 63,5 x 45 cm

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Furniture, Seating, Interior Design & Decoration, Industrial design


5-axis CNC machine, Pression molding, Spray painting, Spray varnish


Birch wood

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