Le Stationnaire is a small nomadic furniture domesticated. Camped on his feet, his proportions allow him to integrate naturally with its environment. Alternately we find him into a living room, an entrance, a bedroom…

He knows at every opportunity show himself obliging. Thus, in the entrance, He wil


l serve both as seating and small storage box for our belongings when the moment of departure came. He knows in the same way welcome us upon our return.

We find him in the living room as a small coffee table, end table who keeping books in it and all other objects out of sight. He will be, the appropriate time, used as a stool.

In a room near the bed, Le Stationnaire, became nightstand, gets rid us of our affaires before entrust us to the arms of Morpheus.

At every moment, its presence felt is embodied through a dense and aerial silhouette, wearing a cloth with gentle curves and contained.

Materials : birch wood, wood stain, wool felt
Finishes : satin
Dimensions : 45 x 29 x 44 cm

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Furniture, Tables & Desks, Storage & Shelves, Seating, Interior Design & Decoration, Industrial design, Product design, Craftsmanship


CNC cutting, Manual painting, Mechanical cutting, Manual assembly


Wood, Wool felt, Birch wood

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