Artefacts - Expo 2020 Dubai


Pottery, an ancient invention of mankind and traditionally practiced in Luxembourg and Dubai, is a form of craft that refers to the symbolic idea of human unity. In the installation Artefacts, the traditional method of making pottery is reinterpreted through the use of 3D printing.


d by the Péckvillecher, traditional Luxembourg handmade clay whistles in the shape of birds, Julie Conrad designed an installation of a large group of clay objects from Nospelt for the Luxembourg pavilion in Dubai.
Reactive to the movements and interaction of visitors, this cloud of objects resonates and immerses the passer-by in a parallel universe. The objects react individually but also as a whole, creating an installation capable of interacting with several people at the same time, forming a unique melody that unites the public. The work communicates with visitors through a universal language, capable of connecting minds, by emphasising auditory and visual sensations.

In the framework of "Mir wëlle bleiwen, wat mir ginn." - Kënschtlerkollektiv
Producer: Fonds culturel national

Co-producers: Ministère de la Culture,
TROIS C-L Centre de Création Chorégraphique Luxembourgeois,
Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain

Curators: Bernard Baumgarten and Kevin Muhlen

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January 2022


Lighting, Installation and Scenography


3D Print, Pottery


Ceramics & Glass, Clay


grasshopper, onshape