Fragile (flower vase)

This flower vase name is Fragile. Fragile is an attachment that converts a drinking glass into flower case. Basically fragile materials usually are not suited for products, However I feel that they have a beauty which other materials do not. This flower vase evokes this kind of beauty.



Some time I saw that some people use a empty bottle as a flower vase at cafe. I think that the bottle shape make sense for flower vase. Because the glass bottle can contain water, and mouth of bottle support a long flower.

When the net fabric is heated,It becomes hard. This discovery allowed me to create 3D form.The making process consists of three steps. First I cut the material. Then I wrap it around the mold. Finaly, I heat it with a hot air gun to seal the shape.

A'Design Award 2016 for Arts,Crafts and Ready made Design Category IRON Award (Italy)

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