Circular Ceramics

Circular ceramics is a tableware range made entirely from industrial waste by-products. Initially I was looking at how to adopt the principles of the circular economy and apply it to ceramic production. However, I came across many challenges as the chemical compounds are irreversibly changed in the


process. I researched external industries that consume the same raw materials as the ceramics industry and explored their waste streams that were contributing to landfill. I then substituted the raw materials in ceramics with industrial waste materials, creating an industrial symbiosis. This symbiotic relationship between industries eliminates the need to mine for raw materials and diverts waste away from landfill, while creating durable, affordable and desirable products for the everyday home.

The book I have written ‘Circular Ceramics’, outlines how to identify and process the industrial waste for ceramic production and is aimed at all scales of production, from studio potter to mass manufacturer.

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