Cargo is an installation that aims to revisit our perspective on everyday goods. It is an exploration, focused on the complex system of transported freight around the globe, that fundamentally affect our way of life. Cargo proposes objects as collected traces of the shipping system. The products of t


he installation were designed to be the carriers of their own story, revealing the journey of two representatives of Iceland: aluminium and fish, across borders and continents to their destination. At the same time, they objectify the complex mechanisms of consumerism.

The project consists of a short movie, unveiling the industrial aesthetics of the shipping industry, and a collection of four artifacts made from cod leather, aluminium oxide, and aluminium, as well as the illustrated journey of a regular aluminium can from it’s mining in Brazil via smelting in Iceland to the Netherlands, processing in Germany and Great Britain, back to the Icelandic supermarket.

The project is a collaboration with Björn Steinar Blumenstein.

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Furniture, Tables & Desks


Aluminium, Cod Leather, Aluminium Oxide

Projet suivant par Johanna Seelemann