Johanna Seelemann
Johanna Seelemann
Leipzig, Allemagne
5 - 10 ans d'expérience
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Johanna Seelemann (b. 1990) is a German designer, laureate of 2021 Design Parade Hyères Eyes on Talents x Frame Special Mention Prize as well as she was recently forwarded by Formafantasma as one of the creative leaders of the future ‘expanding the ways design is practiced today’ as part of Wallpaper


*s ‘5x5’ anniversary project. In 2020 she received the Talent Development Grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL. In 2019, Johanna and her part-time collaborator Björn Steinar got selected amongst the ‘Icon Design 100 Talents to watch’. In 2017 Johanna was selected as one of ‘20 young designers to shape the future of design’ by Design Indaba, World Design Events and Dutch Design Week.

In her practice Johanna Seelemann explores the mundane objects and materials of our everyday surroundings and learns more about their contexts, journeys and origins. The designer, known for a broad spectrum of projects, has delved deep into everything from cars and aluminium cans to bananas. Her investigations morph into designs developed using the tools of substitution, adaptation, and resiliency. Even if she explores nuanced topics, her results are always formulated as optimistic suggestions and proposals that help us imagine alternative future scenarios.

Seelemann’s works were previously exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Villa Noailles in Hyères, MAKK Museum Cologne, Design Museum Helsinki, Vandalorum Sweden, Kunsthalle Zürich, Tønder Art Museum Denmark, Reykjavík Art Museum, TextielMuseum in Tilburg among other.

Johanna developed her fascinations during the Contextual Design master program (2019) at the Design Academy in Eindhoven as well as the bachelor course in Product Design at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavík (2016). She previously assisted Studio Formafantasma in their ‘Ore Streams’ and ‘Cambio’ projects.

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Premiere Classe 2023 x Eyes on Talents Prize
Paris, France

Created in 2021, Premiere Classe x Eyes on Talents prize, symbolizes the shared commitment to "creativity, innovation and fashion". This year's Design Prize has been awarded to German designer Johanna Seelemann for her five-part furniture series Potentials commissioned by Dutch fashion brand G-Star R


aw for The Art of Raw. Looking at the material properties and the hidden textile production processes of denim, the project proposes a series of office tools structurally dependent on the fabric. Wrapped, temporarily fixed, clamped onto wooden structures, or site-specifically filled, the denim, left in its raw state, is the main character of the project.

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Interim Programme Director at the MA Design
Iceland University of the Arts jan.. 2023 - juin. 2023
Reykjavík, Islande
'Potentials' project commission
G-Star RAW juin. 1, 2022 - mai. 1, 2023
Amsterdam, Pays-Bas
'Oase' project commission
MAKK Museum for Applied Arts Cologne fév.. 6, 2023 - avr.. 30, 2023
Cologne, Allemagne
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Hortulanus Solo Show Exhibition at Re:Future Lab in Berlin
Freelance sept.. 14, 2022 - nov.. 5, 2022
Berlin, Allemagne

Exhibition of the Hortulanus furniture collection at Re:Future Lab in Berlin. The HORTULANUS pieces are compostable furniture from low-tech materials. They use low-embodied energy resources such as corn ears, straw and loam to re-envision our relationship with nature. Playing on the pre-conception of


technological achievements, the aesthetics of HORTULANUS resists traditional connotations. Its appearance goes beyond vernacular and humble to create a desirable and opulent object. The pieces celebrate the abundance within the natural world.

“The project proposes that objects of utility return to [the natural] cycle, incorporating maintenance, change and decay in their design” says Johanna Seelemann.

Ultimately, there isn’t a universal solution to climate resilience.
It is obvious that we must turn to a multitude of approaches.

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'Casting Journeys' Workshop for the 'School of the Untold' Summer school, curated by Formafantasma
SKD Kunstgewerbemuseum Dresden juil.. 24, 2022 - juil.. 30, 2022
Dresden, Allemagne

The Design Campus summer program is a ​“School of Utopias”. It is a visionary design school set to explore complex problems, dream bold ideas, and collaboratively build new ways forward. Curated by a different Head of School each year, the curriculum will investigate a specific theme. The students an


d faculty will explore the research question through a series of workshops, lectures, talks, exhibits, and other public programs. The summer school will be a spring board for future projects in the museum, its environs, and its network.

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Terra Incognita at the Intergenerational Graduation Show, Salone del Mobile
Design Academy Eindhoven juin. 7, 2022 - juin. 12, 2022
Milan, Italie

Bringing together original graduation works from 75 years of DAE’s existence, the show highlights not only the excellence and creativity which students and alumni have brought to the field, but also the ways in which design itself has transformed and adapted across the decades.

Hortulanus at 'Escapism', Collectible Fair in Brussels, Curated Section by Berry Dijkstra
Collectible Fair Brussels mai. 19, 2022 - mai. 22, 2022
Brussels, Belgique

COLLECTIBLE is a one of a kind platform for the showcase and discovery of the best in collectible design today.

Green Concept Award for Hortulanus furniture collection, category Interior & Lifestyle
Munich, Allemagne

Since 2013, the international Green Concept Award honours visionary design concepts for sustainable products, services and materials that are not (yet) on the market. The award is aimed at young designers, start-ups and established companies.

'Konstantin Grcic - New Normals' Symposium
Haus am Waldsee mai. 7, 2022 - mai. 7, 2022
Berlin, Allemagne

In the current exhibition “New Normals”, industrial designer Konstantin Grcic creates constellations from his designed objects and everyday materials that awaken the viewers’ own ideas of possible future perspectives. In this digital series, we want to further explore how diverse future-oriented desi


gn can look like by presenting various designers’ approaches and visions.

Johanna Seelemann (*1990) is a German designer whose practice explores everyday objects and materials in our environment and their backgrounds. The results of those explorations are always formulated as optimistic suggestions and proposals that make alternative future scenarios imaginable.

On 7 May 2022, a design symposium with Konstantin Grcic, Johanna Seelemann and Studio Œ will take place at the Haus am Waldsee on the topic “Practising Design. How does relevant design emerge today?” The event is hosted by the curators of the exhibition, Anna Himmelsbach and Ludwig Engel.

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Part time teacher
Iceland University of the Arts août. 24, 2020 - juin. 28, 2021
Reykjavík, Islande

Part time teaching in the Product Design Bachelor and the Master Design programs.

Eyes on Talents x Frame Special Mention for Terra Incognita
Hyères, France

Johanna Seelemann won the Mention Spéciale Eyes On Talents x Frame. Her project "Terra Incognita" is a collection of products that proposes to embrace the constant transformation of styles and aesthetic languages while incorporating adaptation and change through its materiality. The collection is ret


hinking industrial clay, a material traditionally used for styling prototype car surfaces. The prototyping material’s properties are elevated to serve as the product material. The goal is to propose transformation as an inherent quality of a product by reshaping its body instead of replacing it.

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Studio Formafantasma nov.. 1, 2019 - mar.. 30, 2020
Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Work on the 'Cambio' project, for the Serpentine Galleries in London.

Contextual Design Master
Design Academy Eindhoven sept.. 1, 2017 - juin. 30, 2019
Eindhoven, Pays-Bas
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Marianne Brandt Award Nominee for Vitrum
Chemnitz, Allemagne

For its 7th edition the triennial International Marianne Brandt Contest sought projects exploring glass in all its interpretations, properties and essences; the nominated projects being presented alongside a cabinet showcase devoted to Marianne Brandt in the exhibtion Ich bin ganz von Glas. Marianne


Brandt and the Art of Glass Today at the Sächsische Industriemuseum Chemnitz.

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Studio Formafantasma sept.. 1, 2016 - juil.. 30, 2017
Amsterdam, Pays-Bas

Work on the 'Ore Streams' project for the National Gallery of Victoria, about E-Waste.

Product Design Bachelor
Iceland University of the Arts jan.. 1, 2015 - juin. 8, 2016
Reykjavík, Islande


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Andrea Trimarchi, Studio Formafantasma

Simone Farresin, Studio Formafantasma

Louise Schouwenberg

Garðar Éyjólfsson

Denim for decor? Johanna Seelemann unravels the ‘jeans’ of furniture design

Enough faded back pockets exist to prove that denim has been sat on for centuries, but when it comes to interior design, it seems the world has been sleeping on its favourite fashion fabric. But this spring, G-Star RAW—a brand renowned for its innovative approach to fashion and design—is once again b


lurring the boundaries. With its creative platform The Art of RAW, launched last year, G-Star provides a creative space for young artists to transform denim waste into remarkable art objects. And following successful collaborations with a range of international design talents, its latest offerings come from acclaimed designer, Johanna Seelemann.

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Designer Johanna Seelemann Is The Latest Talent To Collaborate On G-Star RAW’s Art Platform

Last year, G-Star RAW unveiled their awesome art platform, The Art of RAW, where young creative minds transform denim waste into stunning art pieces. They've teamed up with a bunch of talented designers from around the world, and now they're joining forces with the incredible award-winning designer,


Johanna Seelemann. This rising star in the contemporary design scene graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2019 and even worked with the renowned duo Formafantasma before starting her own studio.

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The Hidden Potentials of Denim

Johanna Seelemann (1990, Leipzig) is seen as one of the biggest upcoming talents of the contemporary design world. Structured, precise and with a meticulous attention to detail. The designer explores objects and materials from our everyday surroundings with a forensic approach. For The Art of RAW, Jo


hanna investigates raw denim; its qualities, versatility and the pivotal role it plays within her five-part furniture series 'Potentials'. "I'm all about accuracy. I want everything to be solved and I don't like it if there's a detail that doesn't make sense. I need my ideas to be visible and legible."

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Formafantasma goes bananas for Johanna Seelemann

Known for projects such as exposing the journey of a banana, German designer Johanna Seelemann brings a fresh perspective to mundane objects, and is tipped by Formafantasma as one of 25 creative leaders of the future in Wallpaper’s 25th Anniversary Issue ‘5x5’ project.

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Selected as one of the five talents graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2019.

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"FOOD: Bigger than the Plate” leaves you wanting more

Positive mention about 'Banana Story' project exhibited at "Food: Bigger than the Plate” at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

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Selected as one of the 100 talents to watch in 2019 by Icon Design Magazine.

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