Leather is a controversial material. At the same time primitive and luxurious, common and expensive, authentic or synthetic, sensitive and inert... It is an ambivalent material which nevertheless has a bad reputation, notably because of its animal origins. Faced with this observation, it is essential


to reconcile this material with its roots. The skins are in fact scraps from the food industry, their transformation is then as logical as it is sustainable and it gives birth to a unique and sensitive material.

Cheptel is a collection of leather goods made of bovine leather which aims to reconnect the work of the breeder with the leather industry. Each accessory refers to an element present in the daily life of the farmer and his herd. The parts are refined, functional and take up the technical codes of agricultural equipment while adapting them to daily use. In its own way, this collection attempts to bring back to light a hidden stage in the leather transformation process: the daily life of the animal and the breeder’s job, which is essential to the elaboration of a qualitative leather.

Thus, it is the structure of an entire sector that is questioned, valued, but above all given to see during a time when it is more important than ever to understand and know the origin of our products.

• Finalist project of the 36th international festival of fashion, photography and fashion accessories of Hyères.
• All accessories are designed and handmade by me.

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