Monisha Bandhu
Chef de Projet
Monisha Bandhu
Chef de Projet
Paris, France
5 - 10 ans d'expérience
32 ans
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House of Identities mar.. 2021 - Présent

Client Acquisition, Developing and spearheading Training Program, Sustainability Project Manager

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Master in Fashion Marketing and Sustainability Management
L'Institut Supérieur des Arts Appliqués 2019 - Présent
Sustainable Fashion Designer
Balenciaga fév.. 2019 - sept.. 2019

Designing Sustainable women’s ready-to-wear for online retail, sourcing, vendor management, sampling,
designing prints and embroidery, incorporating sustainable textiles in our collections.
o Creating and Executing Budget Plan for collections.
o Market Analysis to come up with design solution for cur


rent customers and increasing sales 20% by
expanding into online market for working women.
o Delegating tasks to employees as per their capabilities while increasing their morale for a more
collaborative work environment.
o Sourcing and negotiating with vendors for best prices, customization on design and delivery time.
o Social Media Marketing; increasing client engagement by focusing on location based clients.
o Researching best sustainable practices for a small business to form a circular business model, initiating
alterations to expand client turnover.

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Sustainable Project Manager/ Fashion Designer
Freelance avr.. 2018 - jan.. 2019

Designing and developing Zero-waste collection of androgynous style.
o Creating contemporary collection of organic hand printed textile.
o Developing brand and collection idea for a start-up, producing garments, sourcing and procuring fabrics,
Market and Competitive Analysis, Creating Action-Plan for


marketing, KPIs.
o Developing range-plan for a fashion store to build customer loyalty and increase market share.

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Women’s Ready-To-Wear Designer, CDI
SATYA PAUL 2016 - 2018

(Premium Luxury Brand, part of Genesis Luxury, L Capital had 40% stake)
S/S2016, A/W2016, S/S2017, A/W2017
o Independently handling 4 collections simultaneously of 20 looks each per season from conceptualization
to final sample for production.
o Designing and developing best-selling garments with hi


gh profit margins.
o Exceeding my target in 3 months of joining and given additional tasks of planning and managing budget
strategy of the entire collection.
o Designing innovative versatile silhouettes, can be worn in multiple ways.
o Introducing the idea of designing 4 collections with different target markets to cover range of customers.
o Design solutions to maximize profit margins of each garment by lowering the construction cost.
o Presenting and collection and Negotiating with executives and manager for approvals.
o In-charge of final presentations, illustrations and tech-pack to be shown to marketing and buying teams.
o Outperforming the number of designs selected by the Creative Head in first year of joining and eventually
creating the best-selling products for the brand.
o Creating and incorporating the sizing chart for the ready-to-wear market of the brand.

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Graduate Diploma in Fashion Design Technology
London College of Fashion 2013 - 2014
B.Sc. in Fashion and Apparel Design
Bangalore University 2010 - 2013
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