Con me (Collaboration with Angelica Tulimiero)

Life often is shocking, the events force us to change, overwhelming us in an evolutionary vortex. We end up having to make a selection. A group of objects, memories, important teachings, secrets and treasures, things or emotions that made us laugh or hurt us, but anyhow remain precious. In the good a


nd the bad, they left a mark that defines what we are. It’s a small, large personal luggage that, moving, changing, growing, as a myriad of miniscule bright gems, keeps beautifying us. It is part of us, stays with us. We bring it, as the snail does with its shell: is the essence of our home. As amulet, it is and will always be, with us. Con me. (with me)

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Brooch, Jewellery, Jewelry, Silver, Contemporary jewellery, Silk, Surface, Gold, Art Jewellery, Engobed porcelain, Smocky quartz, Grenade, Steel wool, Stainless steel


Silk, Silver, Stainless steel, Engobed porcelain, Smocky quartz, Grenade, Steel wool

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