My last series ' Transfiguration ' is the mixing of a personal history and an universal story . Bodies from my intimate space and bodies of all those since centuries : The sta- tues of the Louvre . Transfiguration' is the outcome of interweaving layers of several times and space I try , with my photo


graphing ,to materialize this psychic conflict : The fight of Eros against Thanatos . According to Georges Bataille our knowledge of eroticism or reli- gion requires a personal experience , equal and contradictory to the forbidden and the transgression ."Eroticism in its ensemble is a violation of ruled prohibitions : it's a human activity . It 's religious sensitivity which always closely links desire with dread , intense pleasure and anguish."
With my camera , I transgress an established norm, I mingle the animated and inanimate between dream and reality - play of the representation and the fantasm .I shake the norms of established sensuality , simplified , by mingling stone and flesh , the sacred and profane , reality and fiction .

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