Garments_Color Drip , s/s 12

Final collection project 2012: Concept to final show and press release
(Royal College of Art ,London)

Project: to design and construct a collection of 8 outfits.
to be showcased at the final graduating MA fashion show 2012,at the Royal College of Art,London.

Concept:Color Drip
captures dripp


ing movement of absolutely pure,vibrant,fresh,true color.
I wanted to create an image of color running down the wearer,enveloping,cocooning,covering them like a second skin/shell,
or simply just seeing them getting drenched in color or sinking in color in volumes of draped skins.

began a bit offbeat:with researching on the exuberant and vibrant belle-epoque period and women,flourishing nature and flowers,and doing corresponding handwork embellished experiments.
helped in opening newer possibilities for materials and techniques that i could use , or adding finesse to techniques already tested before like flock and eventually decide on vibrant flock and poured silicon skins,for the final outfits!

Collaborations : Thomas & Vines Ltd - The UK's premier flock coating company(for flocked fabric,foam,& MDF frames).
Contrado Imaging Ltd (for dye sublimation,double-sided color on fabric printing)
School of Design, Royal College of Art, London( self conducted silicon art painting on fabrics)

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