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The French Clean Beauty Pioneer

Since launching in 2017, La Bouche Rouge continues to define a new standard in pure, sustainable beauty and asserts its position as French Clean Beauty Pioneer. Starting with the lipstick as its icon, the Paris-based makeup Maison has set out to unite French tradition


al craftmanship, and eco-responsibility. Concerned that the cosmetics industry is the third largest environmental polluter, and that 83% of the Earth’s water is filled with plastic, La Bouche Rouge has decided to avoid the use of plastic from the product itself, to the formula and production processes.

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Responsibility - No more plastic in beauty
83% of the water of the planet is contaminated by microplastic. ​1 billion lipsticks are thrown away every year. ​We are convinced that we all have a role to play and that only design and creativity in our daily lives will put an end to marine plastic pollution. We have chosen to design our cases with stainless steel which can be recycled indefinitely. We designed the very first eco-based and microplastic-free lipstick refill in France, which received the Sustainable Packaging Award in 2018 by Formes de Luxe. The white part of our refill is the first eco-based mechanism created for lipsticks in the world, and does not contain any micro-plastic. ​
A handmade object to be loved for ever
Changing the face of beauty is first and foremost​ about inventing lasting objects that respect the planet, the women​ and men who use them as well as those who produce them.​ A timeless object that can be passed on. Our Métiers d’Arts collection is a tribute to true craftsmanship, developed by the artisans of the Tanneries du Puy. They are holder of the “Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant”, the label honouring their excellence of French know-how and mastery of rare traditional techniques.
No plastic in our stores
Whilst the cosmetic industry is using plastic everywhere, mostly for ephemeral experiences in stores, we commit to a zero plastic policy for our boutiques and corners. We use reusable materials only, such as marble, glass, wood, paper or metal. Our polybags are bio-based and compostable. ​
A unique formula produced by our own Laboratory
Did you know you are eating your lipstick everyday? We have banned PMMA and microplastics from our lipsticks as no one wants to wear such ingredients on their lips. Our pigments are micronised via a unique and patented process. Each pigment is then infused in a vegetable oil to achieve a pure, intense color, an ultra-comfortable and smooth application and perfect fix.​ To take a stand against the exploitation of bees and guarantee the purity of our formula, we have removed the beeswax from our formula. Without microplastic and beeswax, pure and vegan. We refuse to test our formulas on animals.​ Creating our own laboratory was an ambitious investment but key as we are constantly trying to invent the impossible. Every formula we create must respect our blacklist and surpass the performance of the most extraordinary lipsticks. Our red serum is our best achievement.
A positive economy project in Togo
The economy of sharing must be the economy of tomorrow. La Bouche Rouge is a statement, an invitation to discover and consume another kind of beauty, to develop a more positive economy. Because nearly a billion human beings live on less than a dollar a day and our planet is on the verge of imploding, it seems unthinkable today to create a company and, what's more, a Maison de luxe without committing to a cause that goes beyond the product or service offered.  Ever since it started, for every lipstick sold, La Bouche Rouge has shared the equivalent of 100 litres of drinking water. The trip to Togo shows the results of the first year of sharing. The economy must be positive for our future.  


Nicolas Gerlier


Violette Soriano


Pierre Bretaudeau

Commercial Director

Elodie Gataud

Laboratory Manager

Charlotte Deroost

Head of Digital & e-commerce

Flavie Soldan

Project Manager

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