Grand Prix
Paris je t’aime × Photo Days

Image: Désidération (Année 2066, 2021). © SMITH.



Grand Prix
Paris je t’aime × Photo Days

The Grand Prix Paris je t’aime × Photo Days has for mission to support and reward the great talents of photography and aims to create in the long term a set of complementary visions on the city of Paris.
The artist SMITH is the winner of the first edition around the theme "Paris Vert". Born in Paris in 1985, SMITH explores the green spaces that are dear to him with his thermographic camera, on the lookout for human and non-human encounters, areas of contact, porosity between these presences. Provided with an endowment, he will be able to create his series, in total freedom and pave the way for future editions.

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Frame Awards
Interior of the Month

Image: Utopia 2020 Dream Home in Guangzhou, China by Inspiration Group.


Utopia 2020 Dream Home

by Inspiration Group

Overall Winner

Interior of the Month for December

Thomas Tse of Inspiration Group sought to transform a tiny 20 sq-m space in Guangzhou, China, into a private ‘utopia’ for a newlywed couple and their two cats. Utopia is described by the submitter as a space where nature, people and pets can harmoniously coexist and influence one another. While aiming to ‘blur the boundary between architecture and nature’ to integrate the structure in its surrounding environment, Tse managed to tap into another environmental aspect: sustainability. ‘Small living spaces are by definition sustainable,’ said Viviane Stappmanns, curator at Vitra Design Museum.

Image: New Nordic School By The Sea in Helsinki, Finland by Fyra.


New Nordic School By The Sea

by Fyra

First Runner-Up

Interior of the Month for December

Commissioned by mobile game developer Supercell, Fyra set out to design a kindergarten for the company’s Helsinki headquarters. The design brief was drawn up to ‘create a functional space that would support children’s development and inspire creativity, security, and joy’. A large serving kitchen in the common space creates a sense of homeliness, while a rest area designed to evoke a sense of calm and relaxation does so in both the aesthetic and acoustic senses.

Image: Moonlight Wedding Chapel in Qingdao, China by Beijing Puri Lighting Design.


Moonlight Wedding Chapel

by Beijing Puri Lighting Design

Second Runner-Up

Interior of the Month for December

Located in the town of Qingdao in the Shandong Province of China is a church designed for Qingdao Longyue Real Estate by Beijing Puri Lighting Design. The building appears to be constructed of geometric sliced paneling, and its all-white exterior contrasts with its natural surroundings. Close attention was paid to the building’s lighting, designed by Fang Hu, to ensure that each layer of the building is illuminated.

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Prix Matsutani 2021

Image: Yôichi Kamimura, Phantom power, 2019, sound installation.
Water generated by melting drift ice, glass, metal plate, speaker, sound.
Marueido Japan, Tokyo, Japan. Courtesy of the artist.


Yôichi Kamimura

Prix Matsutani

The Prix Matsutani from the fonds de dotation SHOEN was created in 2016 by the artist couple Takesada Matsutani and Kate Van Houten.
Yôichi Kamimura, 2021 laureate, was born in 1982 in Chiba (Japan), his work explores the relationship between sound and image. Through this process, he creates an experience in which ‘hearing’ and ‘seeing’ influence each other. He examines the interconnections between sounds and landscapes, as well as how people perceive the past, present and future through cultural and religious prisms from different parts of the world.

About the Prix Matsutani

Résidence hors les murs de
l’Observatoire de l’Espace

Image: Justine Emard, Supraorganism, 2020.
Installation (blown glass, robotics, sensor and machine learning system).
© Seb Houis, Kô Oda and Justine Emard.


Valère Costes

Justine Emard

Résidence hors les murs

Each year, the Observatoire de l’Espace, the Cnes (Centre National d'Études Spatiale) cultural laboratory, supports artists who wish to develop creative projects rooted in the spatial imagination, which take part in a concrete and anthropological approach to space.
Valère Costes and Justine Emard are the laureates of the call for projects 2022. They will benefit from a one-year research period during which they will be supported by the Observatoire de l’Espace team, through support in their documentary research, establishing contact with players in the space sector or even giving access to scientific and technical sites.

About the Résidence hors les murs de l’Observatoire de l’Espace

Daniele Tamagni Grant

Image: Untitled © Meseret Argaw.


Fawaz Oyedeji

Meseret Argaw

Daniele Tamagni Grant

Initiated in 2019, the Daniele Tamagni Grant intends to support emerging photographers wishing to document the African continent and its diaspora.
The laureates of the second edition are Fawaz Oyedeji – Nigerian photographer based in Lagos – and Meseret Argaw – Ethiopian photographer based in Addis Ababa. Both will join the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Programme at the Market Photo Workshop in Johannesburg, South Africa and have the opportunity to create a new project, which will then be exhibited in Europe.

About the Daniele Tamagni Grant

AR House awards 2021

Image: El Garaje in Madrid, Spain by Nomos. © Luis Asín.


El Garaje

by Nomos

Overall Winner

Nomos has transformed a car repair shop into a home in Madrid, Spain. Named El Garaje, the property’s previous commercial use and street-facing entrance meant it required complex architectural and legal untangling to become a residential space. New windows have been carefully punched into the concrete facade, while keeping the frame of the old garage door. Although modest, El Garaje is coherent from drawings to construction. The house shows that smaller and humbler projects are fertile ground for the next generation of architects, inviting us to embark on a transition towards new, more sensitive and sensible ways of inhabiting our homes and our cities.

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