Marion Mailaender

Eyes on Talents member, Marion Mailaender, is this year's president of the jury and guest of honour at Design Parade Toulon. She is presenting her exhibition Résidence vue mer (Sea view residence) at the Ancien Évêché in Toulon until 3 November. On the same theme as the candidates, the Mediterranean, she has transformed part of the Ancien Évêché into an ideal seaside residence. Asked about the idea behind her project, she says: "I'm exploring the idea of collective housing in a building with a sea view. I want to take another look at the Mediterranean, by taking an interest in these post-war buildings that embody a kind of French dream linked to holidays, paid leave and a slightly opulent sense of well-being." Also a reminiscence of where she grew up in Marseille, Marion adds: "It's a bit like the meeting of my personal mythology and a universal mythology based on a certain idea of collective housing in coastal cities."
Marion Mailaender is a French interior architect and designer, with a studio between Paris and Marseille. Since 2004, she has been designing objects as well as scenography, living spaces and hotel and commercial spaces.