Johanna Hullár

Eyes on Talents member, Johanna Hullár, is one of the finalists in the Photography category of the Swiss Design Awards 2024 for her project Mimicry – As if objects were meanings. Johanna Hullár has combined natural elements, plastics and collected objects to create abstract settings and corrupted still lifes. Fascinated by the metamorphoses that water is capable of undergoing, she has frozen them in ice. Frozen then fluid, these imaginary worlds gradually melt and come back to life. In a multidisciplinary installation, Johanna Hullár invites us to discover something we have already seen, while wondering whether it is exactly the same or whether its meaning has changed. Seeing something in something else affects our minds and our view of the world, and disrupts our need to look for similarities and connections.
Johanna Hullár (b. 1989) is a Hungarian artist based in Zurich, with a degree in photography from ECAL. Her practice explores themes of connection, intimacy, materiality, time and perception. Working with video, photography and 3D, and experimenting with installations, she reflects on the possible future of the balance between artificial and natural materials through a humorous and feminine prism.