Maxime Bellaunay

⁠Eyes on Talents member, Maxime Bellaunay, is taking part in the group exhibition Métamorphique at the Galerie des Ateliers de Paris, until 29 April. The exhibition brings together seven designers, artists and craftsmen exploring the material of stone. Far from the codes of traditional carving, their work is the result of research and experimentation developed in their respective fields. Somewhere between cabinet-making and sculpture, Maxime Bellaunay narrates the landscape through his work. Drawing inspiration from it, he extracts materials, colors and textures that he translates into his creations.
Maxime Bellaunay's work is born of a spontaneous approach in which the material influences the design of his objects, sculpting unique, raw landscapes. Trained in cabinet-making and then lacquering and varnishing at the École Boulle his know-how and openness to materials have enabled him to explore a wide range of possibilities. Travelling extensively between France and Japan, Maxime Bellaunay works with other craftsmen to create unique pieces.