Materia Madura: Reflexión collection

‘Materia Madura: Reflexión’, is a collection of vessels created with an innovative material composed of plantain, coffee, and aluminium waste.

Inspired by prehistoric methods, and raw and natural materiality, this collection aims to demonstrate how ancient mirrors were created in the past and how


that particular craftsmanship can be translated into present time by using sustainable methods and materials.

The first known mirror was achieved by the collection of water in vessels. Still water reflected the silhouette of an individual when they leaned into the vessel. The second manifestation of the mirror was polished stone. The stone, which in its original state could have a rough texture, was continually polished until its surface became reflective. The third material commonly used in ancient times was metal. Similarly to stones, metals were polished until reflective. Each method slightly more evident and reflective than the next.

Finding inspiration in these prehistoric artefacts, 'Materia Madura: Reflexión' aspires to represent the process that elapses from raw to refined, and how primitive and native craft can evidently result in sophisticated and sustainable objects.

'Materia Madura: Reflexión' offers an alternative to the abundance of local food waste and an alternative to recyclable metals like aluminium. Plantain and coffee are two cultural staple foods local to Puerto Rico. These are consumed in abundance and therefore their organic waste is also abundant. Usually ending up in landfills, this organic waste contributes to a large number of environmental problems. In addition, even though aluminium is recyclable, according to Puerto Rico's Solid Waste Authority, this recycling process does not occur completely on the island. This waste has to be sent to other countries in order to be recycled and distributed. Taking advantage of the abundance of these materials and recycling inefficiencies in Puerto Rico, plantain, coffee, and aluminium waste are used in the creation and design of functional and sophisticated objects.

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Plantain coffee and aluminum waste composite

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