Le Fauteuil Sonore was commissioned by le Musée de l’Homme in Paris. It is designed to be installed on the balcony of Sciences, a space dedicated to scientific research discovery.
The actions undertaken by scientists transcribe more easily through videos. The Fauteuil Sonore allows the visitor to vi


ew any such content in an optimum setting. As an independent micro-architecture, this piece of furniture isolates the visitor from the general background and ambient noise. It creates a special acoustic thanks to the use of wool felt and a system with 4 speakers built into the back and around the screen. The bench can accommodate up to 3 people but the open form of the object leaves a clear view for passing visitors and visitors in wheelchairs. Its double skin brings both comfort and privacy on the inside, and harmonious integration into the architecture of the site on the outside.
The beech used for the hull of the Sound Chair echoes the cladding of the neighboring balcony. A side door
allows easy access to the computer and equipment that operate the touch screen and speakers.
The Fauteuil Sonore offers a break from the museum tour. Its vaulted and welcoming shape creates a
shelter under which it is pleasant to sit and be told stories.

Armchair foam and wool felt, bentwood frame and beech veneer, 22 " touch screen, 4 speakers, PC, amplifiers, power supply.
Photo credit : Matthew Gauchet
Manufacturing : La Fabrique
Upholstery : Sellerie du Pilat
Multimedia integration : Videlio

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