photography + direction. Micaela McLucas @ RSA Films Photo & Art
art direction. Marco Turcich
fashion. Emi Papanikola
models. Stacy Wangui @ Titanium + Bethany De Waal @ Kult
casting. Ellie Vojvodinska @ THINGS BY PEOPLE
hair. Naz Sonmez
make up. Anna I


nglis Hall @ Stella Creative
manicurist. Edyta Betka @ Agency of Substance
director of photography. Natasha Duursma @ LUX Artists Ltd.
1st ac/ focus puller. Milo Brown
gaffer. Yan Murawsk
film edit. Pete Kovacs @ Final Cut
grade. Adam Clarke
online edit. No.8 London
camera equipment. Emmy Land
executive production. Susie Babchick
production. Becky Bishop
production company. RSA Films Photo & Art
runner. Daisy Allen
stills 1st assistant. Petros Poyiatgi
location. The Guardsman Hotel
special thanks. Peri Dallas Mosig, Stella Creative, No.8 London + Barny Wright

What does it mean, in the contemporary sense, to be beautiful? Make up has been used since as far back as the ancient Egyptians, yet only recently have we begun to rip apart its original aim of helping women blend into the narrow definition of what is beautiful and pleasing to the male gaze. Who is someone to tell anyone how their face should look? Make up is art; it can be liberating to use it to rebel against these traditional ways of seeing/being.

This Schön! editorial reflects on the definition of beauty. Photographer and director Micaela McLucas found old and fascinating make up tutorials in the national archives. In these archives, McLucas noticed the tutorials were robotic and uniform yet still being profound in the way they broke down in detail how a woman could “ become” beautiful and desirable. McLucas used sounds from a 1969 educational film on how to be a proper woman and created her own narrative set against it. Shooting on 16mm film was both a cinematic feast as well as a nod back to the footage that inspired this film. Bright colours, wild camera tricks, and attitude all come together to make a fun vibrant film that is a bit bonkers in every sense. Celebrate doing what makes you feel good and have fun. At the end of the day – that’s the most beautiful way of being.

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